Why We Are Here

We are passionate about helping others.
We use investments to do it.

My Story: Fear about Money

I grew up a small-town preacher’s son. We didn’t have much money. I lived in fear of money. Hard work was the only way I knew to deal with my fear. So, at the age of 12, I started working as a paperboy in San Antonio. After throwing the paper, I would return to some of the homes and mow their lawns. During high school, I did construction and was a ranch hand. In college, I paid my way through Baylor University working for the Finance Department. During that time, I took an investment course and the rest is history. I conquered my fear through knowledge and education.

The Year was 2008

I had been building the business in OKC for 10 year and was blessed to have great clients. Then the market dropped over 50%! My parent firm (at the time) was concerned about the business. During this time, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. We had 4 young kids.

What Language is That?

I thought the best way to help clients during the difficult market in 2008/09 would be to create a better way to communicate. My goal was to educate and share knowledge. Have you ever met with a financial advisor and you literally feel like they are speaking another language?

So, we designed bite-sized reports.

Bite-Sized Reports

Our reports are designed for you to understand in 10 minutes.
What You Own
Why You Own It
What You Paid for It

Understanding your investments should be simple and easy!

100% Referrals (almost)

I have managed money for approximately 30 years and my focus is caring for the client and their hard earned money through just about every type of market scenario. Which is why the business has grown and is almost 100% referrals. We really like to help a small select number of clients. Just a small, quiet, boutique money management firm in the middle of the country.

Our Hippocratic Oath

Like a doctor’s “First, do no harm”
We have a Fiduciary duty “Always have the client’s interest in mind above our own”

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